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Review Article Summarizes Research on InVitria’s Optiferrin™ Recombinant Human Transferrin

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – September 19, 2013 – The development history and therapeutic potential forOptiferrin™, a recombinant human transferrin (rhTF) protein produced by Ventria Bioscience using ExpressTec, are the subject of an invited review article published this week in the journal OA Biotechnology.1 Optiferrin™ is sold commercially by InVitria, the bioreagents division of Ventria Bioscience, for use in cell culture applications.

“Recombinant transferrin has many potential applications, but high costs and limited yields remain the major challenges to further development,” said Dr. Deshui Zhang, director of molecular biology at Ventria Bioscience, and the author of the article. “ExpressTec-made transferrin is a safe, cost-effective, and readily available source of recombinant transferrin to support these important applications.”

The paper, titled “Plant seed-derived human transferrin: expression, characterization, and applications,” provides an overview of the native functions of transferrin, commercial applications for the recombinant form of the protein, and clinical applications currently under investigation, and compares methods of biomanufacturing the recombinant form of the protein. .

Human transferrin, either purified from human blood serum or biomanufactured using various recombinant protein expression systems, is widely used in biomedical research and the biotechnology industry as a supplement to support mammalian cell growth in serum-free cell culture media. It also has potential therapeutic uses in the treatment of thalassemia, atransferrinemia, and age-related macular degeneration, and as an anti-cancer drug delivery molecule. However, transferrin sourced from serum poses the risk of transmission of blood-borne pathogens, while current systems for recombinant expression are difficult to scale in a cost-effective manner for biopharmaceutical applications. Thus, biomanufacturing using Ventria Bioscience’s ExpressTec system represents a cost-efficient and reliable alternative.

“Over the past several years we have collaborated with top-tier scientists to thoroughly characterize recombinant transferrin and validate that its functional properties, when produced with ExpressTec, are the same as the native or mammalian-expressed forms,” said Ning Huang, vice president of research and development at Ventria Bioscience. “This review article is useful in that it compiles that body of work and places into context Ventria Bioscience’s efforts to develop a cost-effective, biopharmaceutical-grade human transferrin product.”
  1. Full citation: Zhang D. Plant seed-derived human transferrin: expression, characterization, and applications. OA Biotechnology. 2013;2(2):17. Click here for Open Access.

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