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Ventria Bioscience is always looking to develop the next generation of talented, committed scientists through its career-track training programs for new college graduates and professionals with industry experience.

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To apply for an opportunity at Ventria, please send a PDF resume to careers@ventria.com or visit our LinkedIn page to apply there.

Manufacturing Sciences Track

The Manufacturing Sciences Track is designed for those in a science or engineering degree program with an interest in biotechnology manufacturing or process development. Ventria offers multiple entry-level positions in which you will develop valuable hands-on experience directly on our manufacturing floor. From there, your career could lead to manufacturing supervision, operations management, new process development, quality control, or quality-assurance positions. View open positions on LinkedIn »

Molecular Biology Track

The Molecular Biology Track is designed for those specializing in the plant sciences, biology or biochemistry, who are interested in gene synthesis, biotransformation, plant genomics, plant tissue culture, plant breeding and seed production. Ventria offers entry-level positions in our molecular biology operations department. View open positions on LinkedIn »

Product Applications Track

The Product Applications Track is an ideal opportunity for those with a degree in molecular or cellular biology, biochemistry, chemistry, biomedical engineering, or related field, who have an interest in helping customers apply new cell culture media components to their cell therapy, gene therapy, vaccine, or cell culture process. This track involves potential travel and relocation following a training period in order to be closer to customers. View open positions on LinkedIn »