CuraVive, the Next Generation Plant-Based Food Ingredients

New Business Unit Announcement

Ventria Bioscience announces the launch of its new business unit, CuraVive. The new subsidiary is solely focused on leading the innovation in plant-based functional food ingredients. CuraVive applies over 20 years of Ventria Bioscience’s plant protein production experience to create high-performance plant-based food ingredients of unmatched quality and safety.

CuraVive is not just a concept for future applications of plant protein production. Its products are already used in industry by some of the largest food manufacturers in the world. Our LysoSure product line is available to ship today and is the only plant-based lysozyme in the world.

The LysoSure egg-free lysozyme product line offers the following benefits over use of animal-derived alternatives:

  • Egg-Free: Unlike egg-derived lysozyme, LysoSure is derived solely from plants. LysoSure is Kosher and Halal certified which allows the food industry to benefit from the presence of lysozyme without incorporating egg components.
  • Safety: LysoSure entirely eliminates the risks associated with egg-allergies and need for allergen labeling. CuraVive products are ideal for foods where egg-derived components are not an option.
  • High-Performance & Consistency: Our highly active plant-lysozyme delivers consistent results. The reliability of LysoSure originates from its plant-based nature, as it is not subject to lot-to-lot variability inherent to mammalian systems.
  • Quality: We apply over 20 years of experience in plant protein production to provide the highest quality final product. Our facility is FDA registered, ISO 9001:2015 certified, and capable of meeting any production demand.

We look forward to creating significant and long-lasting improvements in food, cosmetic, industrial, and agriculture applications to support a growing world. Please check in for upcoming product launch announcements.

Click the link to view the CuraVive website: