Protecting American scientific innovation for the greater good

In 2013, US Customs officers discovered something suspicious—packets of rice seeds—in baggage belonging to Chinese travelers heading home after a visit to the U.S. It turns out that the travelers were employees of a Chinese crop-research institute, and had been handed the seeds in an act of attempted industrial espionage. Ventria Bioscience CEO Scott Deeter […]

Alleviating symptoms of pediatric diarrhea in developing countries

As you’ll learn if you spend enough time reading our blog and our website, Ventria Bioscience has a couple of different thrusts with regard to the use of our ExpressTec technology. On the one hand, ExpressTec is a platform technology—in other words, it’s a powerful and valuable tool for producing high yields of high-quality, highly […]

Mechanism of Action of rhLactoferrin in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

As we said in our opening post, our intention for this blog is to share news and analysis related to plant-based recombinant expression systems and how our work at Ventria Bioscience fits into the broader context of global public health. To kick things off, we’re going to take a look back at a recent journal […]

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