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Bringing Life-Saving Medicines to the World

Ventria Bioscience aims to improve human longevity and quality of life by developing and commercializing innovative medicines using our ExpressTec platform for high-yield recombinant protein expression.

Patient safety and positive health outcomes are our top priorities. We have therefore focused our efforts on facilitating the production of highly pure, recombinant proteins derived from known, safe sources, with proven benefits. Until now, these proteins have been technically difficult or costly to isolate from natural sources at the yields required for therapeutic benefit. Our goal is to make the routine use of recombinant protein therapies a reality for all.

Ventria Bioscience is currently pursuing product development in two therapeutic areas: Inflammatory Disease and Infectious Disease. Our lead candidate for treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), VEN120, is currently in Phase II clinical development, and our lead candidate for treatment of diarrheal disease caused by Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli, VEN BETA, is in preclinical development.