Ventria Bioscience’s ExpressTec Delivers the Power to Improve the Health Status of Children in Developing Countries

Junction City, Kansas – November 21, 2019 – A recent publication, Human Milk Proteins: Their Power to Improve the Health Status of Children in Developing Countries, explores the critical health benefits of synthetic human breastmilk proteins for children in developing countries.

In poverty-stricken areas, children are more likely to suffer from Environmental Enteric Dysfunction (EED) as a result of nutrient deficiency, frequent exposure to pathogens and poor sanitation and as a result display poor health outcomes. These potentially long-term health consequences have shown little response to treatments including probiotics, antibiotics and nutritional supplements. Alternatively, supplements of two human breastmilk proteins,  lactoferrin and lysozyme, have proven effective in reducing the negative health outcomes associated with EED. This finding builds on the foundation of previous clinical studies showing the benefit of these proteins for reducing the duration and severity of both childhood diarrhea and inflammation in the elderly.

In the  recent study by authors including Dr. Mark Manary published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, they showed that daily supplementation of both lactoferrin and lysozyme effectively led to improvement in the overall health of children at high risk of EED, reducing development of moderate acute malnutrition and lower rates of hospitalization.

“Poor gut health has plagued the most disadvantaged children of the world for centuries, resulting in lifelong consequences. This study helps us understand what types of biologically active nutrients might ameliorate this scourge.”

– Dr. Mark Manary
Helene B. Roberson Professor of Pediatrics
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

With Ventria Bioscience’s ExpressTec, the synthetic milk protein can be delivered on a cost-effective basis and produced at a large scale able to meet these global needs. For countries where EED is most often seen in poverty-stricken populations, this is a critical breakthrough.

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